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    • Fair price
      ? Professional Project Manager sets the budget
        according to your requirements & market rates

    • Service guarantee by Witmart
      ? Guarantee for completion of project
      ? Guarantee for 3-month free service after
        completion of project

    • Worry-free
      ? Our Project Manager provides professional
        service throughout the project
      ? No need to worry even if you don’t know much
        about website technologies
      ? Project Manager oversees implementation of
        entire project
      ? Service available all over the world, with same
        time zone communication for your convenience

    Open Bidding

    Publish a contract job open for bidding from third-party Providers

    • We offer the best support for your Contract Job
      ? One to one service from our Key Account
      ? Recommendation of Witmart Certified Service
      ? Escrow of your prepaid reward to minimize risk
        for you
      ? Follow-up on work progress to ensure
        completion of job

    Open Bidding is the right choice for you if:

    ? You can engage in technical discussions with the Provider, and
    ? You understand the market conditions of the web development

    We offer more than just web development—supplementary services

    Supplementary services only apply to projects completed at Witmart

    Web Hosting

    Your website will be hosted on Amazon AWS. With exclusive access to cloud computing resources, this is the most reliable & cost-effective way to run your website.

    • ? No up-front cost: monthly payment eliminates need to purchase a
    • ? Flexible & efficient: highly scalable & no long-term commitment
    • ? Global presence: optimal experience for both local & overseas

    Server Operation & Maintenance

    Amazon AWS requires professional technicians to operate & maintain. At Witmart, with our experience in operating &maintaining Amazon AWS, you can minimize:

    • ? Cost: low operation & maintenance fees charged quarterly;
        eliminates need for full-time staff
    • ? Worry: full backup of website & data
    • ? Hassle: smooth operation of your website & server; eliminates
        need for domain vendor 8 Frequently Asked Questions

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