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    Witmart.com Offers New Writing Services for Businesses Seeking Expert Help with Content Creation

    Witmart.com, a US and Canadian-based crowdsourcing website, released a new professional writing service to help transform the way businesses are managing their writing projects. By utilizing the Witmart crowdsourcing community of over 7 million freelancers, Witmart gives business owners instant access to thousands of professional content writers from around the world allowing clients to choose the one most suitable for their writing job.

    In the online world, content is king. According to a recent survey conducted by Econsultancy.com, 90% of businesses believe that creating quality content will become more important over the next 12 months, and 64% of businesses say that producing enough content was their number-one challenge.

    To fuel businesses’ content marketing strategy, Witmart’s writing services makes it effortless for businesses with limited resources to find the right professional writers for their projects. Business owners can post their own writing projects in just a few minutes and receive multiple writing works or samples from many expert writers in the desired timeframe. Analyzing the samples help business owners choose the most qualified writer to handle their writing projects.

    “Three weeks before our first official delegation visit to Foshan, China, we were in desperate need for help. We were fortunate to find Witmart.com who provided services for our preparation, including translation, culture consulting, power point slides, speech writing and much more,” said Jeff. W, CEO of Fortbendcounty.com in Texas. “Witmart’s easy-to-use crowd-sourcing model worked wonders and added cultural elements to our presentations which were very well accepted by our Chinese hosts.”

    The Witmart writing service includes a 100% money back guarantee, customer satisfaction guarantee, and a 24 hour turnaround guarantee. Job posters are assured they will find the ideal writer through the quality of their sample writings and providers are assured their work will be rewarded. A relatively new addition to the Witmart’s writing services is the Witmart-Assurance program which ensures the most appropriate writer is selected for the posted job.

    Richard, the CEO of Witmart.com, believes that crowdsourcing is changing the way people do business and work. “Our writing service connects thousands of talented writers with businesses seeking quality content. It allows small companies to grow from one person working in their content creation or marketing department to over 1,000 specialists overnight without the overhead of increasing their workforce. That is the beauty of crowdsourcing.”

    Together with logo design, web design, translation, and sales & marketing, writing is a critical part of the one-stop shop of services Witmart offers for business owners and entrepreneurs.

    For more information about the new writing services, please visit http://www.netchuangye.cn/writing


    Posted at The Wall Street Journal




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