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    Witmart.com Offers Affordable Outsourced Sales & Marketing Services

    Witmart.com, a North American-based crowdsourcing website , today released affordable sales & marketing services for businesses looking to outsource critical marketing functions. Witmart’s outsourced marketing solutions give businesses instant access to a platform of over 7 million freelancers from around the globe.

    Outsourcing is a cost-effective business strategy that is important for small and medium-sized businesses. In an environment of changing priorities, small and medium-sized businesses need to remain agile and responsive while maintaining essential marketing functions. Outsourcing is a key component: according to the Harvard Business Review, 53% of surveyed marketing executives planned to outsource their marketing capabilities.

    According to Richard Zhou, CEO of Witmart.com, “Small and medium businesses face a number of challenges inherent to their size; many simply don't have the budget, staff, or in-house expertise to create the online marketing campaigns bigger companies can. The best thing about outsourcing is that you can take advantage of specific expertise without the overhead cost of full-time employees.”

    Witmart.com outsourced marketing solutions allow businesses to build up their online sales & marketing teams by drawing on the strength and expertise of some 7 million members. By posting a job on the Witmart.com platform, business owners can choose to work with the most suitable professional service providers from among many potential candidates.

    Witmart.com user and U.S.-based law firm owner Jerry Z. had this to say: “In addition to its powerful and efficient web design capability, Witmart.com is also a tremendous place for marketing and branding. Our ‘Hooyou’ series enjoyed great success in reaching a large audience in China and throughout the world.”

    In addition to its powerful suite of design, sales and marketing services , Witmart.com now offers a platform-managed event marketing service. For businesses with special requirements and event marketing needs, this new offering helps business owners build custom marketing campaigns to achieve their particular results.

    For more information about Witmart.com and these sales & marketing services, visit http://www.netchuangye.cn/sales-marketing

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