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    • 11 EDT
      Aug EDT
      by John.Lin in
      ZBJ Network, INC., Online marketplace Witmart.com, now offering $20 off any new logo design job, is giving small business owners more reason to feel comfortable using their logo design service by offering three iron clad guarantees surrounding their service a firm 100% money back guarantee, expectations met or exceeded, and the promise of a unique design.
    • 08 EDT
      Nov EDT
      by Kevin in
      In the world of technology where speed and instant gratification rule, businesses require efficiency and expertise when turning to freelancers for jobs outside their organization. Owners recognize they need to make good decisions to help keep their business afloat and meeting their goals. Fortunately in today’s world they have more options than ever with the number of outsourcing companies vying for their attention with cutthroat pricing and expert workers. In a world were size matters, Witmart looks to maintain its edge on other similar companies by utilizing their 7 million plus users to handle every small business owners needs with precision and low pricing models.
      With the recent presentation of Witmart’s new logo design packages, small businesses have four new options when it comes to choosing the amount of designers and extras they receive from each package. The packages range from $99 up to $549, which escalating add-ons included as the price increases.
    • 31 EDT
      Oct EDT
      by Kevin in
      We’re moving full steam ahead at Witmart and it’s an exciting time to be a small business owner with the opportunity to choose from four new logo design packages that is in alignment with their goals. The new packages put Witmart at the leading edge of the industry for value and choice for logo design work. We take pride in being known as a one-stop shop for all professional freelance services that offers flexible options to businesses that need quick and reliable results.
      By providing small businesses with four different logo design packages, we are able to give business them the flexibility to shop on a budget or receive premium service, and everywhere in-between. This means businesses aren’t forced to spend aggressively, yet ones that require assistance or want the maximum number of logos can opt for the highest-level logo design package offered. The ability to choose gives owners ultimate flexibility.
    • 06 EDT
      Aug EDT
      by Kevin in
      New professional logo design service packages are now available to small businesses looking for a custom-made logo design courtesy of our freelance site, Witmart.com, the top internet crowdsourcing marketplace for non-physical products and services. For an affordable price, small business owners may host a logo design contest, choose from the many high-quality custom designs received, and award the logo they like best.
      With the new professional design service packages, small business owners can create a logo design contest with specific design requirements, choose the reward amount, set a time limit, prepay for the reward, and then post the job on our site. During the bidding period of the contest, designers will submit designs based on the contest’s job requirements. We encourage contest holders to provide continual feedback to ensure they receive a design they love. Once the logo is picked, the logo designer will receive the award.
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