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    Learn More About Our Professional Logo Design Packages for Small Businesses

    by Kevin in Events & Announcements Business Aug 06, 2012 EDT

    New professional logo design service packages are now available to small businesses looking for a custom-made logo design courtesy of our freelance site, Witmart.com, the top internet crowdsourcing marketplace for non-physical products and services. For an affordable price, small business owners may host a logo design contest, choose from the many high-quality custom designs received, and award the logo they like best.
    With the new professional design service packages, small business owners can create a logo design contest with specific design requirements, choose the reward amount, set a time limit, prepay for the reward, and then post the job on our site. During the bidding period of the contest, designers will submit designs based on the contest’s job requirements. We encourage contest holders to provide continual feedback to ensure they receive a design they love. Once the logo is picked, the logo designer will receive the award.
    “We got to work with many professional logo designers at a very reasonable price,” says Christopher from LEDi2 Inc. from Houston, TX. “Our logo competition received many great designs, and the whole process was very fun and simple. For a small amount of money, we got big results.”
    Contests held on our crowdsourcing site come with a money back guarantee, customer satisfaction guarantee, and a unique design guarantee. By prepaying for the reward, providers are assured their work will be rewarded. The reward itself is held on the user’s Witmart account until they select a winner(s) for their job. The reward is 100% refundable if users do not receive any bids that fulfill their job requirements.
    Each job posting in our workplace affords you a designated Account Manager who will provide users with one-on-one assistance, ensuring users have a successful experience using our site. We will also conduct a thorough quality control assessment by reviewing every design entry during the contest to ensure every design is both unique and original.
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